Travel In Comfort and Ease Using These 8 Cool Neck Pillows


If you travel a lot, then you know that it can be a struggle to sleep while on the road or in a plane. That is why we have collated 8 neck pillows that will help you sleep longer and comfortably while you’re traveling.



Travelrest - Ultimate Travel Pillow / Neck Pillow - Best Ergonomic, Patented & Adjustable Travel Accessories for Airplanes, Cars, Buses,...

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Travelrest is definitely a must-have when traveling. This pillow provides full lateral support for the upper body which helps with the alignment of your head and neck. This versatile pillow can be attached to the headrest of a car or to the wings of an airplane seat. You can also wear it like a messenger bag to prevent your head from falling forward. It is very easy to use and carry since it is inflatable/deflatable and you can attach it to your luggage. It also has a soft and washable plush velour cover.


Bendable Neck Supporter

UsEasy Bendable Neck Supporter,Ergonomic Design O-Shape Pillow with Memory Foam-Travel Pillow for Airplane,Car,Office Napping and Home Relaxing (Pink)

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The UsEasy Bendable Neck Supporter is an o-shape pillow with an ergonomic design. It has a metal that you can adjust based on the position that you want while giving maximum support to your head and neck. It is made of high-quality memory foam which forms perfectly to your neck which hinders the risks of neck sprain. The most important feature of this pillow is the warm sense of decompression, which is designed for astronauts to relieve and lessen pressure. Its design can also improve the alignment of your spine. You can dismantle and fold it so you can easily carry it with you anywhere.



HoodiePillow Brand (Inflatable) Travel Hoodie Pillow - Gray

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When traveling, if you are not comfortable using an eye mask while you are sleeping, then the HoodiePillow® is the perfect pillow for you. This inflatable pillow comes with a hood that is patented and designed from premium sweatshirt material. You can adjust the head size and level of the hoodie through its drawstrings. It is very comfortable since it is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. You can easily carry this pillow since you can just deflate it and fold it.


Inflatable Travel Pillow

Simptech Inflatable Travel Pillow, Ergonomic and Portable Head Neck Rest Pillow,Patented Design for Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Office Napping, Camping...

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The Simptech Inflatable Travel Pillow is made of soft cover fabric. It helps you sleep comfortably in a natural forward position. The space inside the pillow allows you to watch movies or play with your phone while you’re resting your head on it. You can choose whatever position you want that is comfortable for you. This pillow will definitely help you fall asleep easier and longer while you’re traveling. This is very portable and lightweight since it’s inflatable. You can easily and quickly deflate it using just one button. It comes with a bag so you can carry it anywhere.



FaceCradle Adjustable Travel Pillow, Full Sleep while you Travel on an Airplane, Train or Bus, Support your Neck While you...

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FaceCradle is the very first versatile travel pillow that gives 5 different sleep modes: snoozing mode (supports your head to take the pressure off your neck), dozing mode (functions like the standard U-shaped pillows), table nap mode (enables you to nod off on any table or flat surface), deep sleep mode (allows you to lean forward while you sleep), and deep sleep side mode. This pillow is very easy to carry because of the strap attached to it. Its cover is made of brushed cloth which is a high-quality, ultra soft polyester material. This is machine washable; just make sure to remove the cover.


Trtl Pillow

Trtl Pillow - Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow - Machine Washable Black

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The best feature of the Trtl Pillow is their patented support system (strengthened ribs) inside it that provides support for both the head and the neck. Its stretchable soft fleece is designed to create a comfortable hammock effect. This pillow is scientifically proven to hold the neck in a better ergonomic position compared to other neck pillows. It is very portable and lightweight so you can carry it easily when you’re traveling. It is only half the size of a regular U-shaped travel pillow.


VereTrip Travel Pillow

VereTrip Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow, Patented Design for Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Office Napping (Gray)

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If wrapping something around your neck is a little bit uncomfortable for you, then the VereTrip Memory Foam Pillow is for you. It is a lightweight travel pillow that provides strong and comfortable support to your neck when you’re sleeping while traveling. It has an adjustable strap attached to it to make sure it will stay in place. This is not only perfect for airplane travels but also when you’re in the car, office, couch, etc. This is very easy to clean since it comes with a detachable machine-washable plush cover.


Huzi Infinity Pillow

Huzi Infinity Pillow - Design Power Nap Pillow, Travel and Neck Pillow (Grey)

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The Huzi Infinity Pillow is a multipurpose pillow that can be used in infinite possible ways when you turn and twist it. This pillow will fit the needs of the space you are in. It can be turned into a lumbar support, neck pillow, desk pillow, eye mask, window pillow, noise canceling pillow and many more. It is made of soft and highly breathable bamboo fabric. Its versatile filling is lightweight, fluffy, and supportive because of the cutting edge 10-micron fibers that expand and twist to form air pockets. This portable pillow is anti-bacterial and is very easy to clean.


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